Season start after summer

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Sitting on the boat to a place called Førde, outside Bergen. I’m gonna play a 10-ball tournament with (HC), to check how my shape is before next weekends Elite Tournament in Fredrikstad (outside Oslo).

Start playing tonight, updates will come!


Now I’m on the boat again, but now I’m on my way home… This weekend have been great! In the tournament i qualified for the semis on the winnerside and came to the final as well, I lost the final against the tournamentleader Katrine Grotle 6-3 (HC: 4-1). I played decently good in the first rounds, but in the final i lost all my powers 😉 Second place, not too bad! After the tournament we went home to Katrine’s place and ate some good seafood and enjoyed ourselfs.

Now I’m looking forward to nexte weekends Elite Tournament!


Stay tuned, Olav 🙂

EuroTour Austria

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Hi! Been awhile now… Lots of stuff going on lately with exams at school etc. I have been playing some few tournaments seen last time I wrote, like an elite tournament in Norway, Ardennen Cup in Luxembourg (Senior and youth, got 5. place in youth 🙂 ). Now I’m in wonderful Austria ready to play tomorrow morning at 09.00! So good night!

Won my first match, and lost the two after that. Came on 97th place in Austria… Now it is time for summer, and som poolfree days 🙂

Norwegian 8-Ball Youth Championship

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Today the Norwegian 8-Ball Youth Championship started! We play in a gymnastic hall with some other sports who have youth championships. My first match was against Erlend Børve, from Trondheim, the match went well and I won 4-0 (the distance is only 4 in the group play!). The next match I also won 4-0 over Bjørnar Tveraas from Steinkjer. Tomorrow I’m playing against a guy from from Hyllestad! I’m allready qualified to the last 16, but are playing for a good position in the last rounds. Looking forward to the rest!

Information (norwegian) at:

Now I’ve got to get some sleep, playing at 12.00 (I think).

Good Night! 😀


Okey… It started good, but did not end well! I was ready for last 16 and, there it stopped 😦 After taking two out of two medals this year, i really hoped for the third, but no! I ended up on 9’th place and disappointed! The winner was Mikael Øgaard, he is one of the biggest talent in norwegian pool ever! Congratulations! 🙂 But I’ve got to turn this in to a positiv thing, one experience richer… Any way, now I’ve got to keep up training for the next tournament! 🙂

– Olav 🙂

3’th place :)

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Today I playd the weekly local tournament in Stavanger Biljardsalong and came on third place… Lost the semifinale against Lasse Høyvik, who won the final too. This was an okay way to get ready for tomorrow, cause then I’m off to Lillehammer to play the norwegian youth championship in 8-Ball! Looking forward to that 🙂

Now I’ve got to get some sleep before my flight tomorrow morning at 08.10! Good night! 🙂

Stavanger Fury Cup

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Tomorrow I’m gonna play the Stavanger Fury Cup and offcourse hope for the best! 😉
More Information on:


So, now the tournament is over (two days ago, but with birthday and stuff I’ve been quite bussy). We started the day finding out HC to each player, and I ended up starting with 0! My first match was against Johannes Tørresdal (he stardet with 1) and I played good (to be the first match) and won 6-3. After a little break I met a local player called Kurt Moan and I started extremly bad and was down by 5-0 (he started with 2), and then I started playing good, a bit to late, I tought. But no, I was crawling closer and closer until the score was 5-5 and then lost 5-6 😦 But there was more chances, I was now on the looser qualification round and had to play against Kenneth Johansen who also started at 0. This was a real struggle, I was down by 5-3 an fought my way up to 5-5 and won 6-5! 🙂

Then I was ready for the QF! In the QF I met a young player (11 years old) called Kristian Steffensen, and then I played very well and won 6-4, and he started with 4-0! The SF was okay, I won without any problem but the playing started to get worse, I won 6-4 against Tor Einar Bjerke (with 2 in handicap). Then I was ready for the final against Lasse Høyvik who i beated earlier this week in the final in the weekly local tournament. He played good and I missed some keyballs and was not really motivated enough to win. I lost 6-3 (both started with 0).

I’m happy with the result, and looking forward to next round in the cup!

The top 8 from this foure tournaments are playing a Top 8 tournament with good prizemoney, and I’m now on 3’th place after a fifth place in the first tournament and now this second place, and with two rounds left! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by! 😉

Local tournament

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Yesterday I playd the weekly local tournament in Stavanger Biljardsalong, with handicap. It went pretty great, I acutally won! 🙂

It started in a slow modus, I playd OK the first match and lost. Then I started to play good and stayed focused trough the rest of the tournament.

My results in the tournament is: (hc)

Olav Skrudland (1) – Kenneth Johansen (1) 2-5

Olav Skrudland (0) – Brynjar Isaksen (2) 5-2

Olav Skrudland (1) – Roy Hollund (2) 5-3

QF: Olav Skrudland (1) – Kurt Moan (2) 5-4

SF: Olav Skrudland (1) – Nevzat Yesil (0) 5-4

F: Olav Skrudland (1) – Lasse Høyvik (1) 5-2

I’m happy with the result and I’m looking forward to Stavanger Fury Cup this weekend 🙂

Byebye for this time! 😉

Trainingmatches with Geir

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Hello there! Now I’m back on the table again after the terrible accident… I’m playing with a local guy called Geir Fosse. We first startet with 14.1/Straight pool, and he got 75 in fornt to 125 and I finished off after 30 innings, I won 125-104. Then we played 8-Ball and he got 3 in front to 7 and I won 7-4. Then we startet playing 9-Ball, he got 4 in front to 9 and i got all the racks and won 9-4. Then also in 9-Ball he got 4 in front to 7 and i won 7-6 and 7-4 🙂

A  good night actually 😀



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My dear cousin and friend Gabriel Skrudland died in a traffic accident yesterday, only 14 years old. He was funny and always positive and he had a charm that other only could wish for! I hope you’re in a good place now, I’m crying a tear for you even though I know you don’t want me to. One day Gabriel, one day we will meet again! Rest In Peace.


March 26, 2011 - One Response

Welcome to my blog, about me and my hobby. I am a poolplayer, trying to reach the top. I have been playing Norwegian Youth Championships for three years now, and I’ve been 3’th two times and second, one time. I’ve also played in the European Youth Championship two times and have a 3’th in the Team tournament.

Here I’m gonna post things in the daily life, like training and stuff and also how I do in tournaments. Enjoy! 🙂